Quality Policy


Royal Metal Powders, Inc. is committed to the effective implementation of our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

All employees recognize that they have a vital part to play in maintaining and developing the Quality System and those quality objectives can only be achieved by the total involvement of all employees in a team effort.

All employees will become knowledgeable of the Quality Management System and its objectives through training programs. It is mandatory policy that the agreed and defined Quality Procedures are strictly adhered to and that this adherence will be continually monitored. It is expected that the Quality Management System will be continually improved to ensure that total customer satisfaction with our products and services is maintained.

In order to achieve the highest quality product, a partnership is being created between our customers, our suppliers, and employees. Royal Metal Powders is dedicated to establishing a confidence level and relationship with our customers that will ensure the ongoing success of the company, and therefore, its employees.

The Quality Policy Manual, Quality Procedures Manuals, and Work instructions have been compiled both as a discipline and as a blueprint, to make certain that we meet our declared objectives. Objectives require periodic review to allow for changing circumstances, and these will be set and revised by management. Their purpose is to demonstrate that the systems in place for overall control of both product and processes will meet our principle objective – Total Customer Satisfaction.

Michael E. Lutheran, President



QUALITY SYSTEM OBJECTIVE The objective of the quality system is to provide products and service to our customers that meets or exceeds their expectation.

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